Last 6 Weeks

Transfer news came and went. This time, it wasn’t too exciting. I wasn’t nervous or anxious. I could have been sent to what I thought was the “worst area, with the worst companion” if such thing existed, and I would have been fine. I would know it would only last for 6 weeks at the most. hahaha.

I am officially starting my last transfer. WEIRD! My companion has been informing me of interesting facts like “your departing testimony is a week from this Wendesday” and things like that, that are helping the idea of me going home to finally hit me. It’s happening. And it’s happening too fast!

I will be dying (finishing my mission) in Many Farms with Elder L. This so happens to be the area where the one and only Elder S finished his mission. So that’s cool.

This past week, J and S were able to attend a baptism in another area, so they were able to see what exactly a baptism is like. The one and only T whom I wrote about last week, drove them to the baptism.

We had some interesting things happen with them. Their mom did not give consent to allow them to be baptized. We also found out during a correlation meeting with the bishop that some man from Louisiana called church HQ asking if his children had “been baptized yet” but bishop didn’t know who they were talking about, but we connected the dots, and the man calling church HQ was J and S’s dad. So it sounds like he if in favor of them being baptized. So…hopefully if we keep praying we can get this all worked out and they can be baptized.

Also, our new investigator named A, who moved into our area, and we being taught in a previous area. There is a lot of moving pieces, that need to be lined up, but they just haven’t yet. She was on date for July 1st when she moved into the area, and we are really hoping we can get everything figured out before then.

I’m really hoping to finish this transfer with a baptism. Hopefully we can get things figured out with our investigators who are on date.

Hope all you fathers (especially mine!! ) had a great Father’s Day yesterday!!