Close Call with Lightning

Many Farms must produce some SERIOUSLY smart bunnies….because they will NOT go into our trap.

I cannot believe that this is the start of my last full week of my mission!! It has come so fast!!!!

We are producing tons to stuff from our garden!! So that’s been fun and rewarding!!! :D

This week was ward conference. We invited tons of people. We had a great turnout!! We had 4 investigators attend church, and TONS of less actives!!! There is a “golden” investigator that I taught like my first day in Many Farms named Eugene glasses. We haven’t been able to find him home for like 10 weeks. BUT! He just showed up to church this Sunday!! Turns out he was been looking for a job all over the place! So he hasn’t been home! It was a huge miracle that we were finally able to find him, and we can start teaching him again!!

Miracles never cease!!

We found out that J and S have discussed their decision to be baptized with their family. They told S that she should wait until she is 18 to make that decision. She turns 18 in January, and has asked that I come back to baptize her. I’m honored she would ask me to do that. I’m sad that it will not be happening while I am here on my mission. But I am STOKED that she is being allowed to be baptized, and that her parents are supportive.

They just want to make sure that she is committed. They want to see if she will keep going to church for a while. Which, I think is great. We want her to be committed as well. She was very concerned that I would not be able to come back, as if there was a rule against it. I assured her that if she keeps attending church, and keeps the commandments, I will come back once she is 18. Saying goodbye to them is going to be hard. They are so great!!! It will be a neat experience to be able come back with my family and attend a baptism service of someone I taught while I was a full-time missionary.

We had a CRAZY experience with lightning this past week. One special sole will be able to read all about it in a letter I wrote to them, and should be arriving in the mail sometime this week. The rest of you….just know that God protected His missionaries this past week. Specifically me and Elder L. I’m thankful for the spirit, and it’s divine guidance in helping us stay safe.

I know God is mindful of each of us. I know he answers our prayers. I’m praying for a great last week in the mission field. I’m sure it will be answered :)

We got it all on video, and when I see you at home, I’ll show you the video!! haha. It’s by far one of my favorite mission memories!!

That’s about my week this week.